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2019 Phoenix Club Lectures at The Courtyard, Bembridge, Isle of Wight

January 12th

Lecture 1:

The Phoenix & on keeping a Magical Journal

February 9th

Lecture 2:

Choosing one's Path - Mysticism vs. Magick                              

March 9th

Lecture 3:

Creating a Magical Hypodoche (space)

April 6th

Lecture 4:

Magical Protection in Theory & Practice

May 4th

Lecture 5:

A Nightside Narrative ‘The Flesh of Re’

June 8th

Lecture 6:

Astrosophy theoria et praxis

July 6th

Lecture 7:

Working with Dunameis & Energeia

August 3rd

Lecture 8:

Magick & the Thoth Tarot

September 7th

Lecture 9:

Alchemical theoria et praxis

October  5th

Lecture 10:

The Assumption of godforms & the Astral

November 2nd

Lecture 11:

Practical Skrying

December 7th & 8th

London trip:

Two-day London trip (details to follow)

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