Courses & Lectures

Courtyard Alchemy & Publishing

2017 Esoteric Lectures at The Courtyard, Bembridge, Isle of Wight

1st July

Neoplatonism & the Occult


5th August

Nightside Teratomas


2nd September

The Serpent Fire in Theory & Practice


14th October

The Cairo Working


11th November

Typhonian Mysteries



16th December

Sigils before Krampus


January 14th

Metaphysics of Time - The Janus Effect


February 11th

The Elements



11th March

Hermetic Astrology


8th April

Hypodoche & Topos

(Space & Place in Magick)


13th May

Thoth Again - As requested!


3rd June

Dee & Kelley - Magick & Alchemy



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