Courses & Lectures

Courtyard Alchemy & Publishing

2018 Esoteric Lectures at The Courtyard, Bembridge, Isle of Wight

7th July

A Magical guide to the Egyptian Duat (Amenti)


4th August

The Alchemy of Tantric Meditation


1st September

The Function of Skrying in Magick


13th October

Atavistic Magick


3rd November

The Magick behind the Tree of Life



15th December

Sigils after Krampus


January 13th

A Magical Guide to Ancient History (as requested)


February 10th

The Magick of the Thoth Tarot (as requested)


10th March

As Mad as a Hare...Magick & Madness?


7th April

Kabbalah or Qabalah?


5th May

Elemental by Design: Magick,

Creativity & the Elements


9th June

The Ophidian Timeline



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