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First up for 2020 is the Glastonbury Occult Conference

22nd - 23rd February

Glastonbury Town Hall


A two-day feast of lectures and workshops by some of the greats from the Occult World. Robert Plimer will be holding a workshop at 10.00 am Saturday: Activating Energies and Powers through   Numbers and Letters.

Plus a lecture in the afternoon: Kenneth Grant and                    (2.45-3.45)  Atavistic Resurgence.

Courtyard Publishing will also be present with a selection of our books and other assorted goodies so please come along and say hello.

Courtyard Alchemy & Publishing presents:

Per-Ankh & The Ophidian Current

15th February 2020

10.30 - 15.30 

Join us for a full day of lecture and discussion

Lunch/refreshments included - £25.00 p.p

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New Publication

The Flesh of Re

£45.00 + Postage

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The Flesh of Re, by Robert Anderson Plimer

Published by Courtyard Publishing IOW

Hardback, 234 pages


In Part I of his new book The Flesh of Re, Bob seeks to explain the foundations of the original ‘stellar cultus’ as demonstrated through the sites and artefacts of Pre-Dynastic Nubia/Egypt. He then argues that its subsequent historical development and spread by initiates of the Star & Snake was through that of activating the ‘Ophidian Current’. In Part II, Bob then utilizes translations of the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts and Coffin Texts which provide much of the Early Dynastic development of the magical understanding of the Egyptian Netherworld. Part III of the work is based on occult praxis and the function of Amenti and the Duat and more importantly that of the Nightside Tradition developed by Kenneth Grant. In Part IV of Bob’s work, he focuses specifically on the hieroglyphs, transliteration, translation and iconography of the Book of Gates. His conclusions are nevertheless specifically concerned with Skrying & Magick.

£45.00 + Postage & Packaging

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The Philosopher's Net is a reworked edition of 'Decoding Alchemy an Introduction to the Mutus Liber' (2010).

This new hardback book presents an in-depth introduction to both the spiritual and practical aspects of alchemy utilising the 17th-century text of the 'Mutus Liber'.

'Robert Plimer has provided an insightful analysis of the allegorical and symbolical emblems, which allows the reader to gain knowledge of the secret and inner meanings coded within this early manuscript or mute book'.

The puzzling historical background to the 'Mutus Liber' is addressed, along with its possible authors.

This 188 page, (A5) hardback edition contains clear, full-page images from the earliest edition of the 'Mutus Liber' (17th C.), and cost £40.00 plus postage.

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Modern approaches to the Hermetica

Posted on June 3, 2015 by BPH

The message of the Hermetica can be studied from a historical perspective but can also be implemented in modern life. Robert Anderson Plimer is a modern-day Hermeticist and Alchemist who offers courses in alchemy and the Hermetica. Students have the opportunity to discuss and debate the significance and usefulness of the Hermetica in line with the occult traditions of the day.


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