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The ethos behind Courtyard Alchemy & Hermetic teaching is to make that which was hidden accessible to those who seek a more personalised philosophy to modern living.

Robert Anderson Plimer founded Courtyard Alchemy in 2007 on the Isle of Wight. He is a practicing Hermeticist and Alchemist (Lifetime member of the International Alchemy Guild); author of Decoding Alchemy, four books on Hermetic Philosophy, The Alchemical World of Edward Kelley, The Philosopher's Net, The Flesh of Re and new for 2020 - The Chamber of Darkness.  Lecturer & Teacher in Classics and Philosophy to post-grad. and last but not least, a professional Musician and Composer.

Elaine Pattison, a photographer, and artist founded Courtyard Publishing in 2012. Its mission is to provide an outlet and source for the creation of esoteric and philosophical literature and artwork; we promote authors with a strong spiritual message.

Elaine is also the author of 'Casting Energies - The Magick of the Spheres' and the accompanying set of 7 planetary cards, a graphic designer for book covers, posters and new for 2020 a range of women's clothing.

Lastly, Courtyard Alchemy & Publishing hold monthly lectures on the Isle of Wight. Esoteric subjects are the primary focus of the talks.

These lectures are non-profit events. We provide a space where like-minded people can gather and engage in philosophical debates. A meal and refreshments are provided throughout the day so there is a nominal charge. For full details, please access the top menu bar and complete the contact form. 

The International Alchemy Conference

Q & A Panel:

 David Cypher

 Gary Michael


 Robert Plimer

 Benjamin   Turale

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