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The ethos behind Courtyard Alchemy & Hermetic teaching is to make that which was hidden accessible to those who seek a more personalised philosophy to modern living.

Robert Anderson Plimer founded Courtyard Alchemy in 2007 on the Isle of Wight. He is a practicing Hermeticist and Alchemist (Life-time member of the Alchemy Guild), Author (Decoding Alchemy, the quadrilogy on Hermetic Philosophy and The Alchemical World of Edward Kelley),  Lecturer & Teacher (in Classics and Philosophy to post-grad.), Musician and Composer.

Elaine Pattison, a photographer and artist, founded Courtyard Publishing in 2012. Its mission is to provide an outlet and source for the creation of esoteric and philosophical literature and artwork; we promote authors with a strong spiritual message.

Elaine is also the author of 'Casting Energies - The Magick of the Spheres' and the accompanying set of 7 planetary cards.

Courtyard Publishing collects and sells rare books. Writers and postgraduate researchers within this field and who require access to our extensive library are welcome to contact us.

Lastly, Courtyard Alchemy & Publishing hold monthly lectures on the Isle of Wight. Esoteric subjects are the primary focus of the talks.

These lectures are non-profit events. We provide a space where like-minded people can gather and engage in philosophical debates. A meal and refreshments are provided throughout the day so there is a nominal charge. For full details, please access the top menu bar and complete the contact form. 

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